Leo Fabrizio Bunkers

Want peace? Prepare for a war. So was Switzerland fortifying itself silently before Leo Fabrizio made an incredible collection of images, representing all possible shapes and locations of Swiss defensive bunkers, which in Switzerland can be counted up to 15 thousands.

At the turn of the century, during over four years, Leo Fabrizio was developing a photographic documentary work on Swiss fortified constructions – bunkers. Someone with definite attraction for landscape photography and being a keen mountain enthusiast, Leo led his research logically to pieces of work which systematically punctuate each strategic position, i.e. An alpine pass, the entry into a valley, a defile etc.

Leo Fabrizio spotted a certain number of fortifications near roads due to their cursory camouflage, but soon, the relations between these basically – shaped bunkers and the often sumptuous landscape surrounds them became an essential part. As these objects have become obsolete, the tendency is to forget them or even to renounce them. Leo’s esthetic approach, on the contrary, aims to show them from a new angle. This approach has led him to discover a great number of bunkers, some in remote areas, sometimes difficultly accessible, covering the whole of the Swiss territory so has to be able to select out the most interesting. As for the bunkers, they represent a finely developed military system in Switzerland. The links one can elaborate between these two symbols are multiple and may raise interesting questions. Each artwork possesses singular characteristics, distance, angle of view, and light interpretation (…) vary according to the particular qualities of these artworks.

Leo Fabrizio (b. 1976), citizen of Switzerland and Italy, has obtained Bachelor degree in Photography and Master’s degree in Visual Communication at ECAL (Lausanne). He exhibits in Switzerland and abroad and is winner of awards and prizes. His monograph “Bunkers”, published in 2004, is sold out…