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KAUNAS PHOTO 2014 » Romain Mader


An artist goes on mission to Ukraine. “No worries”, says Romain Mader. “I’ll do it!”. The Swiss are born with a gene of diplomacy, not just for grand politics, but for personal diplomacy too. They look good for foreigners.

All the creation of a young Swiss Artist Romain Mader is around one fundamental issue – how to find a girlfriend, and if it seems impossible, how to be surrounded by beautiful girls.

When all measures at home were exhausted, Romain went East – to the Ukraine. The country surprised him by the cult of beautiful young women, and the abundance of them in reality and their facility to get in contact. Many of them had the same name “Ekaterina”. Finding a girlfriend for import to Switzerland was a responsible task. Therefore, the photographers started to collect not only Ukrainian cityscapes, but also portraits of all possible-to-meet Ekaterinas. The series is culminated by a picture featuring Romain as a smart guy with a bride in the backdrop of Swiss Alps. Only history will tell, whether it was a real happy ending or a simple return to staged photography with participation of a local Alps beauty.

Romain Mader earned his Bachelor degree in Visual Communication at ECAL (Lausanne) with a special mention and is one of the most successful Swiss artists of his generation. The exhibition in KAUNAS PHOTO festival is the 10th Romain’s participation in international exhibitions and festivals this year.