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KAUNAS PHOTO 2014 » Robert Pufleb

Robert Pufleb


Glory to Art in the Highest


Being one of the important art fairs in the world, ‘The Armory Show’ in New York hosts many of the mayor galleries worldwide and shows works of art worth billions of dollars in two old warehouses at piers 92 and 94 in Manhattan. I happened to be in New York in March 2013 for visiting the opening of the show “Ed Ruscha – Books & Co.” at Gagosian Gallery.

However, while checking out NY and the local art scene during this trip, I also went to see ‘The Armory Show’, taking place during the same week and celebrating it’s 100th edition. What really grabbed my attention there was not the works of art itself in the booths on the floor but the many plastic cover constructions under the ceiling to stop water dropping from the leaky roof construction down on the priceless art world underneath. To me this instantly was an ironic statement about the art-world itself in a rather sarcastic way and so I took my pictures – “GLORY TO ART IN THE HIGHEST“.

The title came spontaneously to my mind and is a slight but effective modification of the song called “Glory To God In The Highest” of “Miami Ice Machine”, a Brooklyn Band of my friend and host Graham.