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KAUNAS PHOTO 2014 » Luca Zanier

Fifa Exekutivkomitee executive committeeCorridors of Power

Doing only what is important is a key feature of Swiss character. Serious matters of economical and political value have right to be discussed an photographed.
In his “Corridors of Power” (2008 – present), Luca Zanier, photographer of advertising and architecture takes a hyper-realistic look at interiors where important decisions are made.

Even if only a part of these photographs are created in Switzerland, often these interiors have changed lifestyle, life condition and choices of millions or even billions of people worldwide. These pristine halls radiating the cold of luxury can have impacts on our personal lives. Is there anything in common between you and the interior of FIFA executive committee session hall (in feature picture)? If you plan your agenda or even holidays according to the schedule of football world championship, the answer is YES, indeed – this interior has power on your decisions and those of another billion of people.

Luca Zanier is citizen of Switzerland and Italy. Photography was close to him since childhood. A friend of the family, who took pictures of the wedding of Luca’s parents, Oliviero Toscani, was among his first teachers. An apprenticeship at his studio has open the doors for Luca’s next stages of quest for photographic excellence.

Working in the field of advertising photography in his vast studio in Zurich, Luca Zanier came to feel that taking pictures of objects, architecture, Swiss landscapes at dusk for corporate advertising was not enough for his personality. It was well sufficient to earn a living, but something was missing – a personal photographic research. Luca started to create series of works which had a quintessence of power. The first work researched on spaces of different types of power stations where energy was produced. It culminated by the publishing of the “Power Book” in 2012.

In 2011, Luca Zanier became the winner of KAUNAS PHOTO STAR portfolio competition and in 2012 he came back to Kaunas for the prize, solo exhibition “Space and Energy” at Kaunas Photography gallery.