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KAUNAS PHOTO 2014 » Jan Caga

Jan Caga

Čekija / Czech Republic

Pigeon fleet. Museum gathering


„Pigeon fleet“ is the designation for a group of seniors from the ranks of former journalists and art lovers, who do not miss exhibition openings and social or cultural museum events for free consumption of food offered there. Members of the Pigeon fleet normally visit a number of completely unrelated events per day. They are the first to hit the offered food and what they cannot eat on site, they try to take away in bags. Organizers do their best to eliminate the presence of Pigeon Fleet by sending targeted invitations and implement incoming illustration, but all these measures are only partly successful. Almost every major city in the Czech Republic, county with more than 100 thousands population, has a small Pigeon fleet group and some pigeons lively migrate between cities across the country. They are quite easily recognizable. Even before the start of the event, they crawl around the table with refreshments. They dare to take offensive acts, such as taking the largest portion of the offered food. They drink, eat and do not hesitate to loudly criticize the quantity or quality of the food or service.

The presented pictures were taken at exhibition openings in museums and galleries of the Brno city, Czech Republic.