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KAUNAS PHOTO 2014 » Fernando Maquieira

Fernando Maquieira

Ispanija / Spain

Night guide Museum


“Night guide Museum” offers a new interpretation of works of art observed in different light settings or in the absence of light. I have also set out to represent the accumulation of the different and numerous emotions with which the empty spaces of museums are charged after a long day of visits from the public, with the aim of capturing an invisible but strong and profound emotion. My intention has been to question the existing but artificial link between the work and the space (given that none of the works were created to be there), the museum’s capacity for communication and that same capacity within the works of art themselves.

Photographing the silence, solitude and atmosphere that envelops these museum spaces when they are closed to the public is a unique and moving experience. It represents an assault on the works’ privacy and anonymity, now devoid of their glow of prestige, when the name of the artist is irrelevant and no longer transcends or dilutes the promise of the work itself.