Christian Lutz


This series is about the backstage of the Swiss political culture. It is also about strict politics of photography by Christian Lutz.

“Lutz, we have a place in the plane for you. Are you flying with us?..”
Many photographers could only dream of having an opportunity to travel with top-ranked politicians of his or her country. Christian Lutz was hearing this invitation many times, but even more often he was buying a ticket to get to the place of meeting, where he was accepted as the only photographer. Why refuse free luxury? Lutz wanted to remain independent of the charitable acts of politicians towards him and preserve the freedom of photographic interpretation of his subject.

In “Protokoll” Christian Lutz submerges himself in the high spheres of the political power. He’s interested in stenography of authority, relations of hierarchy, in protocols ruling over Ministers and their delegations. He is surrounded by the clichés of thus universe, actors of which take part in plots and strategies. Christian Lutz makes revelations about this encrypted universe, where scenarios are written well in advance of events, which in their turn leave some place for photographer’s irony and a taste of criticism.

Born in Geneva in 1973, Christian Lutz studied photography at the Ecole supérieure des Arts et de l’Image, ”The 75”, in Brussels (Belgium). He is winner of numerous awards. His work has been exhibited worldwide and frequently published. Initially following the tradition of documentary photography, his approach stands out for taking a certain distance to reality and adopting a cinematographic style on his environment. Christian Lutz collaborates with the agency VU’ in Paris.