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KAUNAS PHOTO 2014 » Changkyun Kim



This series is a documentation about freight entrances of major art institutions in New York City that artists struggle to go through with their artworks.

Most art institutions such as galleries and museums are open to public and no one is discriminated when appreciating artworks in the spaces. As an art student, visiting those institutions was one of the routines in my school life and I truly appreciated being inspired by the great art scenes. However, I also started to realize how hard to make my work seen and distinguished in the art world. When I was approaching to reality more and more closely in the graduation year, it was painful to realize how many great artists were quitting creating art.

When I visited some of my favorite galleries right after graduation, the spaces that used to offer me abundant sources of inspiration for free suddenly seemed different and the freight entrances caught my eye. Contrary to the main entrances that always welcomed me, the freight entrances were always tightly closed as if it accepted nothing but the art made by big names.

In this series, I wanted to describe the contrary and naive feeling that I had in the school years, which I saw them as a kind of unbreakable gates to the art world.