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KAUNAS PHOTO 2014 » Anne Golaz

Anne Golaz_basketsRural Scenes and other works

Social photography rose out of interest in those in need of help a compassion. The only woman photographer, participating in the Cross Country Show, Anne Golaz was following the life of farming communities in a rural country, brings the down-to-earth dimension of the Swiss dream. The dream that is painfully difficult to wake up from.

For more than 10 years, she has been continuously working on different aspects of simple country life in a genre called “slow documentary”. Her stories retell the passing of time, transmissions and changes through generations, mixing different types of images and materials. It questions the sense of destiny and the notion of landhood, using the surroundings of small family farm as a story frame and main setting. Portraits, objects, still lives shot in natural light remind us of a long-running tradition of Dutch painting.

Born in Switzerland in 1983, Anne Golaz graduated from the Photography School in Vevey (Switzerland) in 2008. After a semester at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, she continued her studies in Helsinki with a Master in Photography at the Aalto University of Art and Design, where she graduated in 2013. Her photographic approach deals mainly with the representation of rural communities and wildlife and questions our fundamental and fragile relation with nature.