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©Pavel Maria Smejkal. Kaunas Photo 2014 Museum night after the opening

Kaunas is the second largest town in Lithuania, located in the heart of Lithuania. With its museums, culture institutions, numerous universities, and art festivals it has always kept a profile of a vibrant cultural environment. Kaunas Photo exhibitions are located in the central part of town, most are reachable on foot.

Reaching Kaunas

…by airplane to Kaunas

Kaunas International airport (KUN) is served by only two airlines: Rynair and AirBaltic.

Flying Ryanair you can directly reach Kaunas from the follwing cities / airports:

London-Gatwick (LGW),

London (Lutton) (LTN),

London-Stansted (STN),

Bristol (BRS),

Birmingham (BHX),

Edinburgh (EDI),

Liverpool (LPL),

Dublin (DUB),

Oslo Rygge (RYG),

Frankfurt Hahn (HNH),

Brussels Charleroi (CLR),

Paris Beauvais (BVA),

Alicante (ALC),

Tampere (TMP),

Stockholm Skavsta (NYO),

Gothenburg City (GSE)

and two of Greek Islands :).

Flying to Kaunas via AirBaltic, will lead you always via Riga. Even though the prices are usually higher than those of Ryanair, AirBaltic offers a wide network of cities you can travel from.

Once you reach Kaunas airport, the city is very close. The distance from the Kaunas Karmėlava airport to the city centre 20-25 minutes by bus No. 29 (2 LTL or 0.58 EUR) and 29E or 15-25 minutes by taxi (up to 50 LTL or 15 EUR). At night taxi prices might get higher.

Kaunas airport web site: http://www.kaunasair.lt/

…by airplane to Vilnius+ bus / train to Kaunas

Also, consider cheaply Ryanair to Vilnius international airport (VNO), from Bremen (BRE), Girona – Barcelona (GRO), Milan (Bergamo) (BGY), Rome Ciampino (CIA), Dublin (DUB) or London Stansted (STN)

Vilnius airport is served also by Wizzair, Skyways, Norwegian.  “Traditional” flying into Lithuania will take you to Vilnius airport and the connection from Vilnius to Kaunas is fast and easy.

At Vilnius airport, there is special train between the Airport and the Railway Station, across the street from which is located the Vilnius Bus station. The needs of disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility have also been considered.

There are more options to reach the train station / bus station from Vilnius airport: city bus No.1 (3 LTL or 0.9 EUR) or minibus (4 LTL or 1.2 EUR), also you can take a taxi (27 LTL or 8 EUR).

Bus station is in front of train station. Trip by bus to Kaunas takes approx. 90-120 minutes and costs approx 25 LTL or 7 EUR (the distance between Vilnius and Kaunas is 104 km).
You can also take a train from Vilnius train station to Kaunas. Trip takes approx. 55-120 minutes and cost 15-20 LTL or 4.3-7 EUR (depends on train).

… by train

Also you can reach Lithuania using train lines. It is most useful and cost-effecting if traveling from South-East.
Available routes from Russia and Poland are:
Moscow-Vilnius-Kaliningrad, St.Petersburg-Vilnius-Kaliningrad, Kijev-Vilnius
Kaliningrad-Vilnius, Kaliningrad-Vilnius-Kijev, Kaliningrad-Vilnius-Sevastopol,
Kaliningrad-Vilnius-Brest, Kaliningrad-Vilnius-Murmansk, Charkov-Vilnius-Kaliningrad, Simferopol-Vilnius-Kaliningrad, Cheliabinsk-Vilnius-Kaliningrad, Warsaw-Bialystok-Kaunas-Vilnius
Usually international trains are coming to Vilnius train station, where during most of the day every half an hour you can take a train going to Kaunas.

… by car

Reaching Kaunas by car is very simple. Kaunas it is located in the heart of Lithuania, where most of the important transit roads cross, including the central Baltic road, Via Baltica. which goes from Warsaw to Helsinki.

Most hotels have free parking lots. Parking in the city costs 1-3 LTL (0,3 – 0.85 EUR per hour) and is free Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays.


Lithuanian national currency is the Litas (LTL) and all cash transactions are done in LTL, therefore it is useful to have cash for small purchases. In some commerce they not always accept card payments. ATM machines serving Visa, Master and other common cards are widely distributed in the central part of town and commercial areas.

1 EUR = 3.45 LTL (fixed exchange rate to EURO)
1 USD = 2.4 LTL (approximate, not fixed)
1 GBP = 3.9 LTL (approximate, not fixed)

Useful information

Kaunas Regional Tourism Centre – http://visit.kaunas.lt/W3/titulinis?lang=en
ap of Kaunas – http://www.travel-lithuania.com/map/Kaunas/All
Kaunas Travel info http://www.kaunovartai.lt/
Kaunas Municipality – www.Kaunas.lt